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Sel. Feb 18th, 2020


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Drawing Tennis Court

2 min read

Do you know the first tennis court was standardized in 1893? The modern tennis court is the modified form of that one. The modern court and the standard dimensions need to be understood in depth, in order to play a wise game. So you must know the dimensions orally with a proper image of tennis court in mind. You should be able to draw the tennis court whenever needed. To excel in this, you must practice the drawing of live tennis court on paper and on your computer too.

If you want to practice the drawing of court on paper, you will need the following tools to draw the tennis court:

·         Pencil/Pen

·         Long Scale

·         Paper

·         Colors (optional)

If you don’t know how to draw it perfectly, you can take help from Google images. Find a Google image of tennis court with standard dimensions and start drawing it.


1.       Draw a Large rectangle and jpboladunia consider it as rectangle “A”. It is outline of your image.

2.       Draw a rectangle in the rectangle “A” and this will be your court outline. To understand, you can call it rectangle “B”. According to the standards the length will be 78 feet while the width will be 36 feet.

3.       Draw a line on both long sides of the rectangle at equal distance in such a way that the width becomes 27 feet (standard).

4.         Draw a rectangle in the rectangle “B” which should be 42 feet long (standard). Divide it from center so that it will be become 2 rectangles of 21 feet long.

5.       Draw a line from the center of the inner rectangle and join it to its sides. You will be able to see a plus sign now.

The court is ready; now mention the line names, area names, rules and other standard dimensions on your image. If you want to mention the fouls, you can also mention them.

You can draw the same image on your computer using, mouse or touch pad instead of pencil/pen. All you need is software. There are hundreds of softwares, but here I am going to mention about two only.  You can draw this in paint (windows), but it would be better if you use Corel draw as it can help you add more details and effects.

To draw a live tennis court in paint, you will be using the following tools:

·         Rectangle tool

·         Text Tool

·         Line Tool

·         Color Toolbox

To draw the tennis court in Corel Draw X5 you will use:

·         Rectangle tool (F6)

·         2-point Line Tool

·         Text Tool (F8)

·         Parallel Dimension Tool

·         Color palette

To draw the whole image, you can follow the above-mentioned step sequence. The use of colors is optional in all cases. In Corel Draw you can add different types of effects too. If there are still issues you can take help of video tutorials. Keep learning and enjoying!

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