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Jum. Feb 21st, 2020


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How To Make A Double – Time Serve

3 min read

The scoring system in tennis is far different from that of other sports and so the situation does not remain same throughout the game. You can say that if a player is playing well in first part of the game, jadwal bola then it is not sure that he will play the other part good too.

However he can depend upon the number of serves missed or played due to the reason that every successful serve plays a big part in uplifting your tennis game but every missed shot can bring your successful game down.

If you want a successful game then you must strive to learn what makes a serve, supersonic. Do you know that the secret of success of famous tennis players like Williams sisters, Sampras, Federer and Nadal is that their serves are quite professional and that they focus more on making it favorable? Well! Other things related to tennis are also important but making your serve big highly matters overall. You can miss other shots but never let a serve go like this. Keep one thing in mind that a good serve is your best weapon. Try to make it better otherwise it would become difficult to figure your match’s situation out.

There is a saying that ‘Practice makes you perfect’ and it can be implemented on serve improvement too. Everyone has his own style of serve but there are some points that really matter and everyone can notice them to work them out. So let’s start with the grip point. There is a good tip that,’ always grip your tennis racquet like you are holding a hammer or an axe’. Yes, when you hold it like that consequently, your hand motion will become more powerful and streamlines. Well! You can check if you are holding it right; see whether the ball is bouncing from the bottom edge or not. If it does, then you can serve good.

Your perfect throwing action possesses great importance from serve point of view. It can be said that tennis serve action is more similar to that of basketball pitching. When throwing your tennis ball over the net, with distance try to make the height estimation perfect too. After making a serve try to reach the center of court as soon as possible. Try to work on above tips regularly if you want to play well. Your pronate shots also matter so do work on them too.

Remember, amateur serves always force to lose the game. So, work more and more on serve to improve and make it perfect. But for this, you need to practice all the time. People take more interest in improving their backhands, forehands and volley but forget about serves. So, my suggestion is give more time to serve as it can make or break your game. Do you know that tennis livescore online is provided by various good companies. So to get latest tennis livescore visit a good website and keep track of your favorite player’s score live.

John Orton is the marketing manager and manages the different tennis livescore offers.