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Sel. Feb 18th, 2020


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Overcome Your On Net Fear

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First ask yourself why are you doing so and then notice what makes you weak? There are many possible reasons which barricade your way to perfection. Maybe you think that your overhead and volley skills are creating imperfection in your game. Well! This happens when your skills are not really good or when you don’t want to try it. You make too many mistakes and these mistakes lead you to avoid on net hits. For this, jpboladunia you should consult tennis professionals and your friends to get the right idea about these tennis hits.

If you think your skills are not good then practice more to get the perfection and when you think you’ve done enough then approach the net. When your skills are not good, you make too many mistakes. These mistakes make you look funny and clumsy in front of others. You lose your confidence and keep making mistakes in the whole game. When you miss a backhand volley standing on baseline, it doesn’t look so embarrassing but when you miss it on net, it makes you look like a fool. You need to make your all skills

better. This is due to the reason that baseline hits does not require that perfection which is required by on net hits. So, make your average skills better to play front hits with confidence. Skills like balance, ball judgment, coordination, reactions should be perfect to play these shots confidently.

On-net shots are hard to play and most of the women professionals do not approach nets because they know they can’t do it. Actually you need to be quicker and for this you should put your athletic skills to high level. If you lack powerful athletic skills then you will make more mistakes which are embarrassing and so do more practice to make them considerable. The above reasons are commonly found in tennis beginners and resist them from playing good shots at net side. Well! If you are planning to improve your reaction and coordination skills at beginning stage then it would be better but if you are a professional and still lack powerful athletic skills then it’s too late. Just practice your volley skills.

Learn to make good shots on net and make efforts to improvise your playing style. You can only improve it in case if you really feel like doing it. Overcome your embarrassment because you are trying to learn something and read more about overcoming this on-net fear. Tennis is a tricky game and you need to be specialized if you want to play it better. To get updates like tennis livescore and fixtures then visit online websites as tennis livescore of latest matches are easily available on various sports websites.

johne is the marketing manager and he manage tennis livescore.

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